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Perhaps a little planning would make it better

It always does. That’s precisely why some people (including some of my deepest friends) are obsessed with it. And like most hard and boring things, nobody likes to plan but sure enjoy getting things done the planned way.

I’m a big believer in planning the big picture and let the little details take care of itself when things are in motion. It works. For the most part. When it doesn’t I most likely have underestimated that little detail which clearly wasn’t. Damn!

But my reaction to what happens is only going to aggravate the situation and make me feel worse. Thankfully, I do have a choice right there — to go with the flow and enjoy the experience than whine and complain about it. Yeah, embracing the suck is probably the best antidote to life’s little (or big) bloopers that don’t deserve a place in your head but in the past.

I know this sounds overly optimistic but believe me, I’m not that guy. All I’m saying is that it feels so much better to accept the reality and consider taking out quality time to plan out details. And by that I mean the vital aspects that could make or break your agenda. Nothing more and nothing less.

Trust me, I missed my train from Poznan because the time conincided with my flight from Warsaw. And that was 5 hours ago. Right now I’m in a bus (which is awesome by the way) towards my destination. Don’t get me started on the productive hours that I’ve lost today.

Perhaps a little planning would make it better next time. I know it would.