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On second thoughts, it’s probably your fault

I was scrolling through Google Photos early this evening to find a particular picture I needed. Couldn’t find it. Instead I found a shirtless selfie taken a couple of years back. And boy, I was in pretty darn good shape. Not that I’m a fat slob right now but the person in the picture is exactly who I want to be by the end of the cut phase I’m in right now.

Besides reminiscing about my decision to gain weight to lift more (which I was OK with) and how it impacted my overall condition (from mediocre to worse and I wasn’t OK with it), I had a major revelation — I didn’t get deconditioned by accident. It was a choice I made albeit I didn’t realise it at that time.

Almost all major consequences in our lives, good or bad, are front-loaded by the choices and decisions that we make. I think that’s the best part because you can almost always work your way back to where you were. Just that it’ll be much more harder and in some cases irreversible (death, divorce, missed opportunities).

I’ve come to believe that the sooner you acknowledge your bloopers the easier it is for you to course correct. Because the pain of denial is not only overwhelming but it will also keep you from ever making progress. But then you probably knew this, didn’t you? The real question is what are you doing with what you already know?