Fascinating Random Thoughts

What you need is a bunch of rules

To keep you sane.

To keep you from overcommitting to stuff/people/endeavours that don’t add value.

To ensure you’re being super-productive.

To stay in top physical, mental and emotional shape.

To be able to serve your organization/community/family/audience to the best of your abilities.

To pick your battles wisely.

To choose the company/friends you spend the most time with.

To enjoy your favorite food and beverage.

Clearly, I can go on and make up things. But am I really making things up? Nope! Rules have helped me in all the above in more ways I can imagine. Of course, there are times when I have to bend the rules or go around it. But truth to be told, rules enable to be more flexible than otherwise.

I believe rules are important for your soul but most importantly they’re important for your self-esteem.