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Influencing the influencers

Every entrepreneur or a freelancer has gone through the dilemma of finding their audience. More specially, the right audience for them. I’ve been through it myself. Thankfully, though various trials and tribulations I was able to narrow down to the smallest viable audience — the influencers.

For me, influencers could be the c-suite, activists, members of the board, educators, trainers, coaches and even parents! It just adds a greater meaning to the work that I do — be it coaching people to get them resilient from the inside (mind and spirit) or stronger on the outside (through strength training).

Yes, that may mean my wallet will remain slim for the rest of my life but that’s okay because my intent to coach or train people didn’t stem from the desire to make riches. I really don’t care about “scaling” my business. But I do care about the immense satisfaction I derive from helping these people who will further touch countless other lives. More than I can do myself. It’s just mind-blowing to think of the exponential power of compounding when it comes to the simple act of giving.

I now realise what really gets me out of bed every morning — not knowing who’s life will change for the good because I was crazy enough to make them listen to what I had to say/teach.