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Why random coaching engagements don’t work

I often get requests for one-off coaching sessions that’s people believe is going to fix their problems. And I almost always pass up these opportunities because coaching isn’t a one-off thing, it’s a long-term commitment. Besides, I’ve had my share of random conversations with strangers who open up and narrate their live’s struggles hoping that I can give them the magic pill that’ll change their lives. I wish it were that easy.

The best coaches would tell you that progress happens between the coaching session. Not during. The magic that happens within a coaching session is the astounding discoveries and revelations that you simply cannot do without an experienced coach. That’s exactly why even coaches have coaches. (And yes, I’ve got one too!)

Now, this experience I described above just cannot happen if you’re not open to it. Most people aren’t if their intention is to hop on a call for a life-changing solution. The worst part is that they would like “things to happen” during the introductory call (the very first session that helps me and the client assess if we’re a good fit for each other)! The result is mismatched expectations and losing faith in the process, which is both unfair and unreasonable.

That’s precisely why I insist on a context-based coaching that focuses on discovering individual’s strengths, appreciating them and creating a plan that puts them to work. And it’s impossible for me to do that in a single session. In fact, an individualised coaching plan often lasts between 6 and 9 sessions. Most clients who’ve experienced the transformative power of coaching and want to stay ahead of the curve opt of multi-month/year long contracts!

Simply because they’re here for the long-haul!

Now, I believe there are some coaches who can transform your life in a 30 minute conversation. I guess Tony Robbins does that. But I can be he will be the first to tell you that a single intervention cannot affect long-lasting changes in behaviour, reinforcement does. And that’s precisely why he has his team of coaches following up on folks who’ve been through his intervention.

Listen, if you want advice go to your parents, best-friend or someone significant in your life. Act on it and see if things are changing. If not, I guess it’s time to look on the inside. Coaching can help but only if you’re willing to commit for the long-term. Creating lasting behaviour takes time and a lot of effort both on your and your coaches’ part.

Take the leap and give it some time.

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