Random Thoughts

Practice today to be better tomorrow

I’m yet to meet a person who’d say that the proverbial “1,000 mile journey” they set to walk is easy. It never is. The scars, bruises and weariness shows. But they tread on nevertheless. Not because they see the light at the end of the tunnel but they learn to enjoy the journey. I say ‘learn to’ because they realise not doing so would suck and is a terrible way to experience what could be a life-long journey.

These people are mentally strong but they weren’t always like that. Like you and I, they wanted quick results too but having a flexible mindset helped them analyse and adjust to the realities of life and the journey they’re on. They know the importance of showing up everyday to make some progress instead of going all-out trying to make it till the end because they don’t know life doesn’t work that way and the only way to make progress is by doing a little, everyday.

Call it a practice, if you will, that can be done everyday. You can go to the gym to workout and burn all the fat and junk you were shoving in yesterday and the weekend before or you can just go to practice your lifts. Apparently, practising the lifts have a magical effect on your physiology. You put in that extra effort and overtime get stronger. Gradually. Not today. But it does get better and easier. When it does, you simply add more weight and do it all over again. At times you will have to drop the weight (and ego) all the way down and work it back up to your best over weeks.

It’s hard when you think about it. But it’s quite manageable because you’re simply showing up to practice those lifts. It’s a process. And sticking with it will ensure that you’ll get stronger tomorrow.

As some of you already know, I draw several parallels from training (be it powerlifting, kettlebells, bodyweight or jujutsu) to life because the principles and concepts are the same. We’re just not used to seeing things that way.

I can either write a blog post or practice writing. I choose the latter because it makes it easier for me to actually do it without any pressure to perform since I’m not doing it for anyone but myself. And it surely wouldn’t make a great writer tonight by certainly overnight. I can’t help but become one. If I only stick with my practice.

The other day I wrote how leadership is a practice. So is life. The objective of all practice is to simply show up in the hopes that we get better tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, we rinse and repeat.