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Picking your battles wisely

Whoever came up with that line was a genius bar none. I’m notoriously known (within my family and friends’ circle) for just picking up one battle after the other. The worst part is that I have a hard time letting go of something in lieu of that shiny new thing I might have picked up. That’s an oversimplification, but I guess you know what I’m getting at.

I’ve devoted the past decade and a half on massive side-projects that amount to nothing, monetarily. Although, I might have lost a fortune going after my pursuits. Besides money, I’ve learned a lot about how things work, particularly the world around us, the people in it, technology, trends but most importantly myself. I believe it’s a never-ending process and there’s so much more to come. But I definitely need to figure out a way to be able to explore without going broke or insane. (It’s a serious concern.)

  • Early this year, I decided to let go some of the projects that weren’t adding any value. Upon deeper reflection, I realised that the trade off of time and money just wasn’t worth the attention I was giving. The move also included decisions to focus primarily on coaching (individuals, groups and teams) and keynote speeches/lectures. Because designing, developing and promoting standalone training programs was just too much work and the results wasn’t satisfying. Moreover, I realised I can deliver so much value with a single 90-minute keynote against a half or a full-day workshop. Here’s why — people don’t have the time or attention to stay focused for 4-8 hours at a stretch. But they sure can manage a 90 minute session provided the speaker is entertaining enough. And I am.
  • For long term engagements, I found my mastermind coaching engagements far more effective solution compared to bare-bones conventional coaching that’s without context or content.
  • Besides my micro coaching/consulting business, I also took keen interest is podcasting and decided to dive deep. I recorded my first episode of my podcast (“This Might Not Work,” that’s the title!) day before yesterday and it was so much fun. The recording is in post-production and will be related along with the other 5 episodes I’ve planned for the first season. I’m loving the journey because I’m getting to learn directly from some of the finest minds in their respective fields.
  • Finally, I have this blog. I don’t have to maintain it as the good folks at do the honours. And nobody does their job better than them! The only thing I do is show up and share my thoughts. That’s it! Of course, I occasionally fiddle with the theme settings to give the site a new look but get bored within 10 minutes and leave it as it was before.

That sounds like a lot of work. It is. Particularly the podcast and keynotes. The latter takes an inordinate amount of time to develop. There’s a lot of research, reading, highlighting, extracting, compiling, refining to be done before people get to hear it. Since I’m building a brand new one from the ground up, it’s taking a considerable amount of time. But I know, if I chip away daily, I’ll get there in no time. My goal is to have at least two brand new keynotes developed so that I can start delivering them from January 2020.

While I love what I do for my day job, I don’t think I can do without these side-projects. They keep me on my toes. I believe I’m learning a lot because if that wasn’t the case I would simply stop and move further. Yes, I would love to earn money on the side (who does’t) as that would indicate the project’s success but as with most things in life, money too is subjective.

The key, however, is to make sure that you’re choosing your battles wisely. You can’t possibly go all in if you’re spread too thin (that rhymes, right?)! There are valid limitations to what you can do and achieve on a daily basis. But if what you do is aligned with your goals, visions and purpose in life, I think you’re sorted.