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The importance of letting people know how hard you work

Actually, it’s not that important. Yup, you heard that right. It’s not. Even if your career is on the line. Or perhaps you’re screaming, shouting and showing off your work has been a core part of your professional growth strategy that it’s giving you heart palpitations as you’re read this… I get it. Embrace it anyway.

The reason I tell you this is because the ones who eventually rise to the top do so only because they’re damn good at the work they do. They’ve also built a great deal of influence along the way. And all of that has added a great deal of value to the business. Nothing more, nothing less.

You can come up with theories on how people have sucked up to their bosses for a promotion or the highly biased/illogical management practices that favors the ‘fortune child’ (don’t know what that means) or just good old office politics. None of that is going to undo what’s already transpired nor it’s going to increase your chances to get promoted any time soon.

What does that leave you with? Letting your work speak for you. But since your work can’t really speak for you and let people in on the effort that you’ve been putting in, you choose to do the talking yourself. And how’s that working for you? I’ll be honest, it’s what most people do and all that talking is just noise. Your bosses are looking for strong ‘signals’ and not ‘noise.’ And they can tell when and where the signal’s strong and that’s probably the person in the corner who’s investing all of his time getting things done.

Most of us are sold into the idea that the uber cool folks we see and admire are sauve, social, and are always talking about their next big ideas. But they’re doing that after having burned the midnight oil to literally move their world around to make things happen. You don’t get to hear all that, do you?

Here’s the reason — you’re supposed to be that damn good at work anyway. That’s what you’re getting paid for and talking about how hard you work means just one thing — you’re probably not as good yet. Because the ones who’re good get it done and are busy talking about the next game changing idea.

And you still want to talk about that all-nighter you pulled off last week?