Personal growth

The list for top performers

No, it’s not the to-do list. It’s the stop-to-do list. I’m pretty sure I must’ve addressed this before but it bears repetition — while average performers have a to-do list, extraordinary performers also have a not-to-do list.

It’s what it says — a list of activities that you don’t intend to invest time on. That’s it! This may include missing workouts, binge watching TV on workdays or every weekend, procrastinating, bitching, gossiping, and other unproductive things that have spoiled you over the past several years.

And it doesn’t stop at writing down a list. Like your todo list, you are to refer this list every single day. Without fail. This will help you not only internalise what not to-do but also keep you from going into a downward spiral when your willpower is low. (We all go through that at some point, don’t we?)

A magical thing happens when you do this everyday — your productivity rises which translates into higher energy levels, happiness and improved career prospects. That’s a massive ROI for a small tweak you made to your existing todo list.

What will you choose not to do going forward?