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Don’t waste it on people who don’t respect it

This was has been remarkable — a handful of instances where I either got stood up or didn’t hear back from the other person a pre-arranged meeting. It’s infuriating. And for the first time in life, I didn’t feel like following up.

Yes, I am aware there could be a genuine crises at the other end that I’m not aware of or things just didn’t turn out the way it was originally planned. I get it. But I also think it’s important to let the other person know about this than assume they will understand. That’s not how communication works. And not amount of apologies later on can make up for the lost time that I could’ve been doing something more productive.

Here’s the worst part — I haven’t heard back from a single person acknowledging the call and/or meeting that never happened because life got in the way. And I think this is where your own priorities take precedence over everything else in and around your life.

I believe your time is important. It’s precious and you should never waste it on people who don’t respect it. Period. You can be flexible (or less rigid as I like to put it) about almost every other aspect of your life but not time.

Yes, it’s easier said that done but you’ve got to protect your time like you mean it because once it’s gone it isn’t going to come back.