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The one thing that doesn’t allow you to slow down


To an outcome, people, and even the circumstances.

Yesterday I found myself driving across the town and back simply because I forgot my passport! How the hell could one forget the main document that would let me inside the airport? Stress! What else?

Right when I was about to wrap up my work and get packing (I’m usually done in 20 minutes) I got a message from the airline stating:

All customers are advised not to carry older generation Apple MacBook Pro laptops with 15 inches screen, purchased between Sept’15 and Feb’17 in cabin as well as check-in baggage.

Great! My MacBook is much older. Or so I thought. I checked, just in case, and found out that it was a mid-2015 model. Of course, that could mean June or July or even August 2015. But could I take a chance? Unsure. I called into my office hoping to checkout a spare laptop for a week. No luck. I didn’t have the courage to pick my partner’s laptop – it was pathetic and both she and I had agreed on that fact.

I explored the alternatives. Started to call the Dell and Lenovo stores nearby and they all told me the same – the XPS and ThinkPad X1 series either have to be ordered for delivering or brought online. I didn’t have time for any of that, so, I said forget it. I’ll pick something up on the way.

I called an Uber, packed my bag, showered, got ready, said my goodbyes, and hopped into the cab. The driver was a great conversationalist. Took my mind off for a while before I remembered… Damn! I forgot my passport! Asked the cabbie to take me back home and then to the airport. He complied.

On the way, I had two snappy conversations with a couple of my friends. Had to be stern to my business partner about a thing that he wanted me to sign off. That felt horrendous but I couldn’t help it.

Long story short – by the time I reached the airport, I just had an hour to get the boarding pass, clear immigration, and security. And mind you, this is India. We’re known for our hard work and intelligence. Not for efficiency.

Despite the odds, thankfully I made it to the aircraft. I was pleased if not super happy. Why? After my conversations with my friends and partner, I began rationalising. “What’s the worst that could happen if I missed the flight?” Nothing. Sunk money, of course! But nobody died. And I would tear through all the work that’s been piling up with my favorite laptop! I made up my mind to just roll with the punches if I missed the flight. It would not be end of the flipping world.

Just by acknowledging that, I felt a sense of soothing calm throughout my body. It was as if something heavy was lifted off of my chest. I simply let myself go with the flow.

I’ve realised that the more attached to an outcome you are the worse you behave. Especially when you feel threatened to lose the opportunity or miss the outcome. That’s hazardous to our health and the stressed caused to our body, mind, and spirit is irreparable. Just not worth it.

Of course, I know it isn’t easy to let go. But we can try. One thoughtful question at time. One day at a time. That’s how it’s done.

P.S. I’m hammering this out on my phone… please excuse typos.