Random Thoughts

On progress

One of the best things about my BJJ practice is the instant feedback that I get during practice. I have been out of action due to ear hematoma the past three weeks. So, obviously, practice or even going to the gym wasn’t an option.

I couldn’t train at home as it would make me sweat and soil the bandage wrapped across my ear and head. So, naturally, I wasn’t in a position to wash my hair. And the day after it was officially removed (after 16 days), I was to fly out for a worktrip. I was warned to not roll or hit the gym for at least another week post which I were to consult again and get the physical fitness clearance certificate. I’m complied. For my own good.

Now, I think you probably know this, I can’t function properly if I’m not physically exerting myself everyday. There’s got to be something or the other that keeps me engage and active. Since that wasn’t an option, I just focused on doing the Original Strength and Flexible Steel mobility flows everyday. Along with my one-arm push-up training (I’m still working on the progressions, will take a lot of time to get to the pinnacle movement). Took me about 20 minutes to finish the whole ‘workout’ while not breaking a sweat.

I also reduced my eating frequency by adopting a version of the warrior diet. It was liberating, helped me lose a few kilos, and four weeks on, I’m still on it despite that I’ve started rolling and have been hitting the gym as well. The energy I feel during the day is just amazing. The diet works if you make it work and are being patient wit yourself.

Of course, I couldn’t afford to set BJJ aside. Being a skill-based sport, there’s a lot you can do to equip yourself with the right instructionals to up your game. And so, I did for 30 minutes every single day. It has helped me absorb some of the most valuable aspects of the game that I wasn’t able to until this medically-imposed break.

The results have been astonishing. Near about everyone at my dojos says that I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and more mobile while I have been recovering. My defence has become so much stronger and it’s only a matter of time before I become (in some of else’s words) “dangerous.” That’s the kind of compliment that boosts your morale and keeps you going.

Progress to me is having the courage to show up daily and work towards those small, measured steps towards improvement. Do them even if you aren’t able to apply them right now so that you can when you’re finally ready.

Discipline and consistency are the key.