Random Thoughts

Everyone wants to be an influencer but nobody wants to do the work?

I know the punctuation mark in the headline wasn’t needed as it’s more of a statement than a question. I wish there was an elegant way to put this across. And while I don’t think anything’s wrong with the desire to becoming an influencer, I just feel that becoming one is a fitting consequence than an end-goal by itself.

Technology and social media has made it so easy to create and share content. So much so that every 12 year old wants to become an influencer by copying a model that may work for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or one of the top 20 influencers of Facebook or Twitter or even LinkedIn*. In a way, that’s truly enabling for the millions of people who put out content by going out of their comfort zones (despite their self-esteem issues for some).

I believe replicating your favourite influencer’s content creation model isn’t going to make you one. There’s a whole another part that you’re clearly missing — doing the work. The ones whom you follow are either extraordinary people doing extraordinary things or ordinary folks doing extraordinary things. Either way, they’re doing something significant, something that’s much bigger than them, and putting content online is just one fraction of what they do. It complements the work they do while helping them spread the word.

And most of us miss out on this big part of the equation. Not the content strategy bit but the fact that influencers spend the most time doing significant work that either adds value or is making a huge impact on other people’s lives. Of course, that is way harder than all of your content strategy combined but it is what it is.

So, when we get curious about the camera, fashion, gear, diet, schedule, or the routine your favourite influencer follows, our attention is on the things that are insignificant and superficial. The real deal is to understand what do they to make an impact people’s lives. Because once you do, you just may want to explore the avenues where you can make a difference. And once you have, keep working on it over the next few years and you too will become an influencer.

Remember, there are no quick fixes or solutions here because at the end of the day doing great work (and not your Instagram feed) is what will build your legacy. Just “make it matter” everything else will fall in place.

P.S. *Though I honestly feel trying to be an influencer of LinkedIn is way hard. It takes serious effort to be creating content for the platform. Not as easy as a vLog or a rant post on what frustrates you the most. Although that’s a good start too!)