Coaching Leadership

Having unconditional belief in their greatness

Talent management is both a science and an art. And it’s one of the greatest modern-day challenges in organisations across industries and sizes. It’s something companies are willing to pay big bucks to consultants like me who specialise in hiring and managing talent.

Now, hiring talent is a challenge by itself but managing them is a greater challenge. Particularly if you think your people need to be “managed.” Truth to be told, they don’t have to be if the expectations are set right at the outset of the engagement. Most companies fail to do that and the ones who do forget the fact that they’ve hired a professional who’s fully capable to deliver on results if you just believe in them.

That might sound counterintuitive but that’s how human nature works. The most effective leaders reverse engineer the leader-follower dynamics by trusting their people (and letting them know) to do their best, no matter what. And guess what happens? The people follow through because they want to live up to the expectations.

The challenge is it’s hard not to let your ego come in the way and try not to control this new person who definitely needs your guidance to do the work. Right? Well, picture this — you spent hours to whet out three of the best candidates from the pool of applicants. Then you spent another dozen hours or two with each of the three applicants only to narrow down on the best after so much scrutiny, verification, and reference checks. And now you don’t even trust this person to do their job well?

Ironic, right? That’s why I believe leaders and managers often get in the way of their best people’s performance. Instead of being overly involved, let me know about your expectations and the desirable outcome and back the heck off. If possible, let them know that you trust them to deliver their best no matter what. And see the magic happens.

I know what you’re thinking — this won’t work in your industry or your workplace. I respect that. But you’re lying to yourself. Keep your ego aside and trust them to do their best work. They will deliver it just right.