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The historian, reporter, and the futurist

They’re all fine professionals. And would you believe we all have a version of each living inside of our minds? Let me explain.

The historian is high on context, age-old facts, and data to help you with decisions. (Ring a bell?) It’s also the one that constantly tells you what or how to respond to your current situation based on how you’ve dealt with it in the past.

If you were brave enough to muscle your way to success, then great! You’ll survive because all facts confirm that you’ve done this before. If, on the other hand, you haven’t faced a situation before, the historian literally gives up and surrenders. Why? It doesn’t have enough data and believes that whatever you are upto is a risky proposition and you’re probably going to fail.

The reporter on the other hand simply gives an account of the current situation. You get a true ear-to-the-ground information that will help you understand what’s to be done and how best you can manage the situation “under the circumstances.” Super helpful intel, right? But right when you’re about to take action, your mind checks with the historian and you can guess what happens — you freeze and do nothing! Why? Not enough data on this kind of situation. Boy, aren’t you screwed bit time?

And finally, we have the the futurist. A true believer in possibilities, particularly what’s in store for us regardless of our past or present. (I mean it genuinely doesn’t care.) And I guess you can tell, it is the most optimistic of the three because it’s a true dealer of hope and it will lead the way to a fulfilling future, if you let it.

You know where I’m going with this — we choose to stay stuck with our historians and reporters all our lives! After all, it’s much safer and rational to cling on to them compared to all the uncertainty trusting the futurist holds. Right? Let me tell you, that’s precisely why most of us never grow to our potential. Because the historians and reporters inside of us keep reminding why we’re inadequate or the time just isn’t right or one of the thousand other reasons why you think you’re stuck.

As you wind the year down, I believe it will be worth your while to pay attention to what the futurist has to say about you, your potential, and the possibilities that lay ahead. Find the courage to take tiny steps towards that future it describes because that’s exactly where you want to be.

Yes, it will be scary but you’re not going alone, the historian and the reporter will be right there documenting your way to success. The alternative is to stay stuck where you are personally, professionally, and spiritually.