Business Random Thoughts

Managing expectations as a professional

I so wish this could be part of an independent professional’s proposal.

  • I’m not a magician nor do I have a supply of magic pills. I can’t help with your challenges in a 2-hour conversation or even a half-day workshop. Believe me, it took you a lot longer to arrive at this mess and it should ideally take a significant amount of time (if not just as long) to resolve the issue.
  • Hire me if you’re looking for an experienced professional to resolve your most pressing challenge or perhaps to create a strategy for the long haul. If you want tactics, check out
  • Respect the scope of work, proposal, and the time I am investing in. The time for tweaks and changes is before either parties sign the agreement, not later. Avoiding this would mean both you and I will need to spend adequate time reviewing the documents together.
  • I cannot get on “just-a-minute” calls. If there’s a reason we should get on a call, please, schedule the same with a detailed agenda before sending out a meeting invite. Know that time invested to attend calls and virtual meetings will be billed separately.
  • If money is a problem (aka, “we’re on a budget”), we’re not a good fit for each other.
  • I don’t do discounts or have “offers.” I’m not a super-market.

I’ll be honest, the above does sound arrogant but that’s all in our head. It’s written matter-of-factly and should be made explicit clear to all clients before engaging any further. You have no clue how much time this could save you in the weeks, months, and years to come.

As professionals, it is imperative that we manage expectations instead of letting circumstances and our clients manage us. We’re there to provide solutions not managed.