Random Thoughts

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Last night I had some time to kill but was way tired to read a book or something interesting online. I wanted to relax a bit, so, I did what any smart, talent, and highly intelligent person would do — log onto Netflix! The voice inside me screamed while browsing through the catalog, “who on earth would have time to watch all this?”

And then, I bumped into South Park. It brought a smile to my face and I instinctively unlocked my phone to text a friend before I froze. My mind raced back to that day a few years back when this friend casually introduced me to the amazing world of South Park. He shared stories and experiences that I found deeply intriguing. He literally sold me to watch the show!

Unfortunately my enthusiasm didn’t last long. My life caught up with me and I fell off the wagon. I always thought of updating my friend about my progress and how I’m struggling to catch up but couldn’t. I was just too busy to send him a simple text message.

Last year, I heard that he died in an accident. It was heartbreaking. I was filled with regret, guilt, and remorse. I missed so many chances to bond with him thinking that I can always do it some other time — when I’m not that busy or not so occupied or have some free time to not worry about work. And now that I have that time, he’s not there anymore.

It’s pitiful that we take each other for granted as if we’ll last forever. We won’t. We don’t even know if the person in front of us (be it in the mirror or otherwise) will be alive tomorrow. What’s the point in waiting for that perfect moment just to say hello? Reach out. Right now.