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Leading is to make things happen

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some people who have the position, promise, and even a commendable following. Unfortunately, when it comes to producing results they’ve always fallen short. And that is a big deal! Particularly when it comes to your stature and growth as a leader. Merely occupying position will only get you so far. Delivering results will certainly do.

This means effective leaders should not only be productive themselves but also have the ability to enable their teams to produce. There’s no getting away from this. Yes, I know this is common knowledge but it surely isn’t common practice. Most leaders either struggle with personal productivity or have their teams perform per expectations. And their inability to get a grip on either of these aspects impacts their credibility, influence, but most importantly their confidence.

If that’s you or someone you know, there’s an antidote that I’ve found the most helpful. It’s this — develop the self-discipline, work ethic, organisational skills, and knowledge to perform your work better. At the same time, teach your time what you’re learning about and help them get better. This usually has a cascading effect in your team’s productivity for the following reasons:

  1. You show them that you’re only human and are trying to grow just like they are! Everyone loves to work with a leader who is humble and leads by example.
  2. You show them exactly what you are learning, which is not only helping you but also them to get better. This instills faith and confidence in your leadership.
  3. Gives you the opportunity to sit with individual members and coach (or perhaps mentor, if that’s your style) them through the challenges that they’re going through.
  4. Create momentum and nurture an environment that’s geared for success.

Point #4 above is not only builds stronger teams but also what separates a mediocre team with a great one. But it all starts with you, the leader. If you don’t change, nothing will. And change is imperative if you want to grow from being a positional leader to someone who can produce results.

Are you game?