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Do what you can with what you have

It literally is the antidote for all your excuses. Particularly during these unprecedented times. While I feel lucky to be alive and healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve been quite frustrated with my routine lately. I’m pretty sure millions around the world are facing the same issue.

At times you feel nothing seems to be working. Just think about it:

  • You can’t get up early because you slept in late.
  • You couldn’t hit the bed early because your kids were wide awake until 11:30 last night… and then your better half wanted to spend some quality time with you or perhaps, catch up on a Netflix special.
  • You can’t exercise because you don’t have access to the gym.
  • You don’t have access to the gym because of a government lockdown.
  • You can’t train at home because you’re injured or don’t like bodyweight training or have kettlebells, dumbbells, or other useful apparatus.
  • You’re not able to focus effectively on work as everyone’s at home and there’s just no privacy!
  • You can’t even read under the circumstances.
  • You hate giving your better half a helping hand at household chores because you’re “working from home” and not “working for home.”
  • You can’t even take a walk as it’s just no recommended or the patrolling cops might ask you to return home.

Sound familiar? Almost everyone I know has been going through the above. I’ve been checking in with my team to see if I can be of any help not because I have solutions to these challenges but I experienced the same and figured out a way around each of those.

Now, spending time with your family is essential but when and how much is something you will have to communicate. In fact, no other time in modern history has communicating with each other (within the family and workplace teams’ context) been more important. At least to maintain peace and sanity.

For everything else, you’ve got to make plans and work them. Period.

  • Can’t wake up early, set an alarm clock (doesn’t matter if you use an actual clock or phone) and put it to the furthest corner of your room. When it goes off you get up, turn off the alarm, and walk out of your room.
  • Try waking up early for a few consecutive days and your body will figure out a way to induce sleep at the right time. A tried body some how gets through a noisy environment without any trouble. If you’re a super-light sleeper, I trust you to make your own judgements and communicate with your family about this.
  • Can’t get work done? Well, it’s time to create a schedule and share it with your family. They have the right to know when is a good time for them to bug you and when to leave alone so you can work or read.
  • Not able to exercise? It’s BS. Do what you can. Even if it’s just a single push-up. Do it 10 times. Perhaps a 100 across 10 hours. Do the damn thing. You don’t need 4 walls around you to move or sweat.
  • Injured. Well, train the other body parts. I’ve been carrying a silly shoulder injury the past 3 months now. I haven’t been training jiu-jitsu for the past month and been just doing kettlebell swings, isometrics (to strengthen my right shoulder), jiu-jitsu drills, and OS resets.
  • I was planning to do lots of solo jiu-jitsu drills when the lockdown came into effect. The problem — I suck at most of them and practicing them on an un-matted floor is well, painful. Especially, when there isn’t enough space. So, instead of doing all 15-20 of them, I’m just focusing on one drill a week. No pressure. By the time this is all over, I’ll master at least half a dozen, which is so much better than nothing.

Did you notice the theme? Doing what I can with what I have. And yes, at times it does feels I’m working against all odds and that may be the case but you can always figure out a workaround. We’re creative beings and these constraints are simply stimulus for our brains to think out of the box.

Still feeling you can’t do it? Think again.