Leadership Random Thoughts

Say it isn’t so

“Excellence” is among the few business philosophies the I’m deeply attached with. And I honestly believe “excellence” can be achieved in everything little thing that one wants to do.

The other day while discussing this over a Zoom call a friend called out on me saying, “my blog posts though sensible sometimes have typos and even grammatical errors… there’s no excellence in that!” She was right. Partially.

Writing for me is a practice. It’s something that I choose to do everyday and wish to do so for the longest time I can. The challenge with a (or any) daily practice is you get bored easily, particularly, when there’s a pressure to do it “perfectly,” which as you know calls for a significant time investment. And I’m one of those folks who thinks 24 hours aren’t enough to execute all the things planned for the day. Obsessing about perfection would be a recipe for disaster!

The alternative for me was to show up everyday and share a thought that’s meaningful to me and hopefully, to you as well. It’s my way of (re)affirming and asserting what I believe are the best practices in leadership, communication, and culture. All posts, including this one, are written in a single sitting lasting 15 to 30 minutes without any editing. Call it raw or stream of consciousness or whatever, it’s what works for me. I don’t believe in investing 3 hours to put out a decent post simply because I don’t have those 3 hours.

And that, for me is excellence. It’s not about perfection but consistency. So, yeah, there may be grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and bloopers that copyeditors might sneer at. That is fine. I’m showing up everyday and that’s all matters to me and the ones who will be reading this today and 20,30,50, or may be a 100 years from now.