How to find anything on Google (well, almost!)

Now that you are primarily working from home, I’m cocksure you’re spending a whole lot of time on the internet. And a heck of a lot searching for things, information, and people online. I certainly am and while searching for sites similar to some of my favourite curated sites I found this infographic that was original made in 2018. It’s still so darn relevant!

(And if you’re the “advanced” kind, there’s more stuff below… just scroll away!)

If you want to get nerdy or the above list was way too basic for you, here’s a list of advanced operators you can use on Google. Things like…

Find indexation errors
Find non-secure pages (non-https)
Find duplicate content issues
Find unwanted files and pages on your site
Find guest post opportunities
Find resource page opportunities
Find sites that feature infographics… so you can pitch YOURS
Find more link prospects… AND check how relevant they are
Find social profiles for outreach prospects
Find internal linking opportunities
Find PR opportunities by finding competitor mentions
Find sponsored post opportunities
Find Q+A threads related to your content
Find how often your competitors are publishing new content
Find sites linking to competitors

Google Advanced Search Operators

Find all of them on Ahref’s Google Search Operators: The Complete List (42 Advanced Operators). The guys at Spyfu also have an almost similar version that you can check out.

If you’re just looking for a comprehensive cheatsheet, head over to Moz’s Google Search Operators. It’s everything you will ever need. Neil Patel’s curated list of Google Search Operators is pretty nifty too.

If you need more, well, you can search for it yourself! Although, I recommend that you have a conversation with your boss and see if he can offload some of his work to you. You’ve got too much time on your hands!