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Define it before you resolve it

We know the world’s in a crises right now. And it’s imperative that authorities, leaders, and influencers define the crises they’re facing before they go about resolving it. Of course, it’s COVID-19 but it isn’t the only crises we’re dealing with right now.

Let’s not forget racism/discrimination, protests, government authorities abusing power, strifes over border control, economic meltdown, stock markets collapsing, businesses shutting down, people losing their jobs, and going into depression (with some taking their own lives!). I’m pretty sure there are at least a dozen other (micro) crisis-es at play that aren’t in the top of our awareness right now.

Oh, things are bad. But if you’re a leader, your responsibility is to identify and acknowledge the crises you are facing right now. That’s a prerequisite to combating any crises! For example, back in March as India was gearing up for the outbreak, my partner and I had a decision to make — should we continue business as usual? We chose to shutdown our office immediately and asked our team to work-from-home to minimize their exposure while ensuring that the work never stops. And thankfully, it hasn’t for the past couple of months and we’re hopeful it won’t. Why? Businesses don’t just stop working because of a global pandemic.

That said, my biggest professional crises has been to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of my team members (as their leader and a professional coach) while staying close to my clients and letting them know that we’re there to help them no matter what (as their trusted partner). Sure, we’ve had some losses. Business development has taken a hit not because businesses are dying but due to the status-quo in a time like this. Which is okay, we understand.

Our narrative, however, has changed from “we’re the best agency to deliver this, that, or the other,” to “we’re right here for you, if you need us.” It’s different but effective as it’s responding to the crises while keeping the potential client’s needs in mind.

While the world may be collapsing, the only thing I can do right now is focus on what’s in my control and create plans of action around it. That could include coaching my team members, advising my clients, and conducing workshops on leading through crises. The key is to have the crises clearly defined. Yours may not and if that’s the case, you really need to pull back from the whole COVID-19 situation and see where are you hurting the most. That’s the crises you need to deal with right now.

You can start with these simple yet powerful questions: What is the crises I’m facing right now? How is it affecting me? What can I do to put things in order? My hope is that you don’t get sucked into the vortex of misinformation, fear, chaos, and status quo. It’s too dangerous a place to hangout and it’s way too hard to come back from. But it’s not too late.