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Why “implementing” will make you a better strategist

Everyone loves to be that “strategy” person who likes to talk about ideas, come up with plans, and bark orders when it’s time to get things done. The challenge is that most people only want to do “strategy” and pass on the hard work of “implementing” stuff to others. The above is so true with […]

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Ira Glass on Storytelling

See. Spot. Steal! I couldn’t help but do so when I discovered What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says by James Clear. The post profiles Ira Glass’ and describes his struggle to create, This American Life, one of the most popular public radio shows of all time! Nobody tells this to people who are […]

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When you find yourself in a hole — stop digging

“Act with fortitude and honour,” Alexander Hamilton wrote to a distraught friend in serious trouble of the man’s own making. “If you cannot reasonably hope for a favourable extrication, do not plunge deeper. Have the courage to make a full stop.”  Over the years, I’ve realised that we tend to get desperate when we’re in […]

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Credit and recognition is over-rated

Never been a fan of getting credit and recognition — it makes me uncomfortable for a simple reason that I ain’t no one-person island. Every little or big achievement I’ve had wouldn’t have been possible without those unsung heroes, be it my parents, classmates, peers, acquaintances, superiors, and even those with evil intentions.  Most people […]

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To be or to do?

I’ve been labelled a rebel, a nonconformist, and someone unlikely to succeed when I was in my senior year of high school. Not because I was any of those, but I wasn’t going with the flow as was expected of young adults back then. And honestly, that wasn’t intentional. I was following my curiosity and […]

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The better you get, the less you care

I loved this super-short The Daily Stoic podcast episode by Ryan Holiday. He elaborates on an aspect that most people won’t agree with, particularly those who haven’t achieved much success or are still dilly-dallying with “stuff they want to do.” It’s something I’ve observed among the senior-most leaders and C-level executives having worked with them for […]

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Delivery Happiness, Forever

Tony Hsieh’s passing is a sad day for those who study, admire and practice leadership. He was quiet, humble, unassuming, kind, generous, billionaire, philanthropist, and had changed the world with Happiness as a business model.  I first read about Tony in a Wikipedia entry about Zappos in the mid-2000s. Later in 2010, his book “Delivering […]

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Jump and grow your wings on the way down!

I used to be a perfectionist, but now I care a whole lot less. I know that’s a complete 180-degree shift most people would struggle to make. But I chose to do it because not doing so was getting in the way (big time) of my progress.  And if you’re an entrepreneur, you know how […]

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The not-so-obvious ways to have a more in-depth conversation with anyone

I rarely peruse through the New York Times for management and leadership insights. Not that I don’t expect any from their incredible panel of award-winning journalists, but the idea of finding a useful piece (for me) amidst all that content feels like an arduous task. Every once in a while though, I bump into something […]


Treat it like a job!

I first heard about this guy on a podcast followed by a mention in another book I was reading that time. As you can tell, I was intrigued right away. I dug a little further and realised that Anthony Trollope just might have invented the concepts of having a side-hustle and the morning routine.  Trollope […]