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Switchtasking: what is it and how to avoid it?

In The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing It All” Gets Nothing Done, author Dave Crenshaw shares the powerful concept of “switch-tasking.” He argues that multitasking is a myth since most of the time, we’re either actively or passively switch tasking.  Of course, that makes sense because I’ve been sold on “single-tasking” since I was a […]

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Stuff that Tom Whitwell has documented since 2014

Wait up, who the hell is Tom Whitwell? For all I know, he’s a consultant with Fluxx, a design and innovation company, and a former journalist whom I accidentally discovered, thanks to his Medium post on the list of things he learned in 2020. And from there I found he’s been documenting all he’s learned […]

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Let me explain why that won’t work

I’ve had my share of “let me explain why that won’t work” when I started my career back in the early 2000s. And believe me, my default instinct was to punch people in their mouths. I’m glad I never acted on my impulse. Not much has changed now. I still hear the statement now and […]

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When you find yourself in a hole — stop digging

“Act with fortitude and honour,” Alexander Hamilton wrote to a distraught friend in serious trouble of the man’s own making. “If you cannot reasonably hope for a favourable extrication, do not plunge deeper. Have the courage to make a full stop.”  Over the years, I’ve realised that we tend to get desperate when we’re in […]

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Consistency over authenticity

Authenticity has become one of those overused, misunderstood, and abused word. It sure is one of my generation’s favourite throwaways (I’m an ‘older’… ahem, millennial).  And having heard the word all through the years, I think I may have developed an allergy as I often catch myself wincing in disguise when I hear someone use […]

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Ever wondered where ideas come from?

I’ve pondered on this for years and am yet to find a convincing answer; primarily because there are no right or wrong answers, just observations when it comes to ideas. So, here’s my assertion: The best ideas don’t have a source(s), per se. They can come from reading books, blog posts, articles, opinion pieces, podcasts, […]

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What are you gonna do with those 1,000 minutes?

I bumped into Kevin Kruse’s book on productivity while perusing Amazon the other day. A highly rated book with hundreds of 4.5 stars and above reviews! I surely wasn’t going to miss this one, so I bought the book and tore through it. Honestly, it’s chockfull of elementary stuff that most people don’t care to […]

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Nothing’s so practical as a good theory

I don’t know about you, but I used to be that guy who talked a lot of theory. You know the kind of ideas that makes most people uncomfortable or shake their heads because they’re convinced that theories don’t work.  So, yeah, I’m a “type.” And folks like me have a hard time trying to […]

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Knowing leads to doing

Think of any writer, artist, athlete, filmmaker, a leader that you admire, and you will notice how deeply they’ve studied the writers, artists, movie directors, and leaders of the yesteryears. It’s their understanding of what’s come before that gave them the insight, context, and perspective to establish a platform for themselves. There’s a reason why […]

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Attachment Is Optional

I’ve been re-reading Seth Godin’s The Practice (as you can tell from few of my most recent posts) for the third time since it was launch last month. It’s one of the best books on creativity I’ve read in the past ten years. And if you haven’t bought it yet, you should. The ideas will […]