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Ira Glass on Storytelling

See. Spot. Steal! I couldn’t help but do so when I discovered What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says by James Clear. The post profiles Ira Glass’ and describes his struggle to create, This American Life, one of the most popular public radio shows of all time! Nobody tells this to people who are […]

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Someone matters more than everyone

Over the years, I’ve noticed one healthy pattern among people who’re trying to do something new — they want to please everyone. That’s one of the reasons why they would share the links to their new blog, YouTube channel, or Facebook page with their friends for “feedback.” And I believe that very act is also […]

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Not a coach but an entrepreneur providing coaching services

We’re well past the middle of November, which for me means that it’s time to reflect and study on the year that’s about to fade out, for good, I must say. If you think this might be a tad too early a time for self-reflection, you’re probably right. But I can’t cram all the year’s […]

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A better way to outsource a process or a function

Almost all medium and large-sized enterprises opt to outsource some of their functions and processes. While the reasons may vary, the core objective remains the same — get things done, cost-effectively. Relying on that metric alone is a recipe for disaster. It clouds your judgement while pressurising your partners to meet unreasonable expectations. I firmly […]

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The four-step email prospecting

If you’re into sales or business development, cold emails and phone calls are part and parcel of your life. And let’s face it, we would instead send cold emails than cold calls. But the reality is that most cold emails suck! I delete 99.99% of all the cold emails I receive because they’re not well-written, […]

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Demography vs Psychography

Marketers and researchers have used demography as an essential tool for their research and analysis for ages now. The word “demography” literally means the statistical study of populations, humans being one of them. And as with most study areas, various subtopics have spun off of demography, including demographic analysis and demographic profiling. As you can […]

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Minimal Marketing

Here’s something most marketing gurus won’t tell you — most of their advice is meant for people and organizations with significantly deep pockets. And if you’re reading this post, chances are, their strategy won’t apply to you or your business. No offense to you, of course, I know my audience better. Even then, I won’t […]

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On “reviews”

Let me get this out of the way — I don’t think reviews accurately determine how successful a person, a product, a service, or an organization is. They’re mere opinions expressed by individuals lacking the right context and insight related to the reviewee. That’s why a review is different from a testimonial as to the […]

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The demand and supply problem

There are too many life coaches, trainers, and independent consultants out there. So much so that I’ve been hesitant to call myself an executive or a leadership development coach until most recently. (And I’m still not comfortable and am seriously thinking of changing it to something else.) Just take a look around, chances are 8 […]

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It’s getting kind of sickening…

If you’re normal, you must be on at least a couple of social media networks or probably on all of the big four platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), like I am. If yes, great! Welcome to the club! I’m sure you’re having a great time if you’re one of those who live in one […]