leadership development

Sunil brings a dynamic, effective, and practical approach to designing and conducting workshops in leadership, team-building, coaching, and employee engagement.

Sunil brings a no-nonsense approach to designing and customising workshops tailored to the organization’s culture and strengths – all the while focusing on specific areas that need improvement. By utilizing both 360 feedback and mini surveys to measure improvement, Sunil makes executive and management coaching a natural extension of the performance improvement. Perhaps most importantly, Sunil is laser focused on the outcomes of what he offers – bringing about meaningful and effective change – not only the process of getting there.

Sunil is the Head Coach of Polymathea Consluting, his organizational consulting and coaching firm. He also works as the Operations & HR Director with VentureWeb India, a global staffing, recruitment, and marketing services firm.

Signature Programs

The Emerging Leaders Program

A 6-month, fully online, interactive learning journey, to support young and emerging leaders to harness this time of uncertainty for their own personal and professional growth.

Learn to lead in a fast-changing digital world

Faced with new responsibilities, emerging leaders need to learn new skills and gain more self-awareness in order to motivate, inspire and lead high-performing teams. Moreover, in today’s increasingly digitized and interconnected world, boundaries are blurred, collaborations are more fluid and the pressure on businesses to be agile is immense.

What does it take to be an effective and mindful leader in such a dynamic world? How do you become more resilient and better at leading and making decisions in such uncertain times? Do the traditional models of leadership hold, or is the digital age seeing a new brand of leaders emerge?

Developing Emerging Leaders provides a unique perspective on leadership, designed to help executives adapt to the challenges faced by organizations in a digital environment. As an emerging leader, the programme takes you on a journey of learning to lead yourself – and then translates that knowledge into leading others and forming effective team collaborations. It will equip you with skills to overcome the constraints of your organization’s leadership culture, and help you to step forward with a new perspective on leading your team in the digital age.

How you benefit

  1. Learn to monitor and mould your own behaviour and grow your awareness of how it affects others
  2. Tools to build strong, accountable agencies and institutions at the national, regional and local level
  3. Discover how to create a workspace that motivates your team members to give their best while becoming skilful at providing feedback and having difficult conversations
  4. Build successful teams by forming meaningful collaborations in digital organisations
  5. The ability to make evidenced-based decisions in a world of ambiguity
  6. A greater understanding of your purpose and what drives you in your work.
  7. The ability to harness that purpose or drive in order to inspire and align your team.
  8. Frameworks to better understand team dynamics and manage conflict.
  9. The ability to influence without authority.
  10. Problem-solving approaches that can be applied to personal or professional challenges.
  11. A small but focused community of peers to learn with and from.

What will you learn?

Developing Emerging Leaders is an online programme delivered over 5 weeks that requires you to work on multiple levels. Each week develops one part of the overall the three following topics.

Leading yourself
  1. Learn to monitor yourself and your behaviour at work
  2. Mould different aspects of yourself to become an effective and mindful leader
  3. Develop the practice of mindfulness to become aware of your surroundings and manage your emotions
Leading others
  1. Create a work environment that motivates your team and helps them realise their full potential
  2. Discover techniques that can help you understand your relationships with yourself and others
  3. Learn how to give effective feedback and have difficult conversations
Leading teams
  1. Learn what is different about collaborations in a digital organisation
  2. Create conditions conducive to forming effective and successful collaborations, especially in the face of a digital transformation
  3. Face the challenge of building a shared mindset, shared identity and shared understanding in a digital age

Who is this program for?

The Emerging Leaders Program is in it’s third iteration and is designed for:

  1. Young professionals (aged 25-39) with at least five years of work experience.
  2. People entering their first (or second) leadership role.
  3. Purpose-driven individuals looking to have societal impact.
  4. Young and emerging leaders from diverse sectors and backgrounds, who are having to adapt to the demands of managing people and forming collaborations in a fast-changing digital environment
  5. Professionals across industries who are progressing from being in an individual contributor role to leading a team of individual performers



Optional Add-ons

  • 3 coaching sessions at $900
  • 6 coaching sessions at $1500