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On-demand Coaching

A one-off session for powerful insights and heightened clarity.

* Flexible and virtual “on-demand” coaching

* 90 minutes of coaching time to suit your needs and schedule!

How can this help you?
* Perfect for flexible, on-demand support as and when you need it.

* Get clarity & focus on tasks, strategies and decisions

* Prepare for difficult conversations, presentation, meetings or pitches

* Have a thinking partner to use as a sounding board or to get an alternative perspective. (And yes, you can vent all you like!)

Introduction / Discovery Call

Let’s get to know each other and explore your goals, dreams, ambitions, and how best can you get the most out of our work together.

Two objectives
* Find out if we are a match

* You leave with something powerful and valuable

* Broadly, we will talk a bit, coach a bit and leave time for Q & A.

* I would love to understand your experience with coaching and explain what coaching is if you’re totally new to it

* We will together design our alliance and delve deeper into matters like confidentiality, intruding, requests, challenges, homework, and accountability
During Q& A, I can explain my format and fees.

* You can decide at the end of the session or take time to think about it.