Treat it like a job!

I first heard about this guy on a podcast followed by a mention in another book I was reading that time. As you can tell, I was intrigued right away. I dug a little further and realised that Anthony Trollope just might have invented the concepts of having a side-hustle and the morning routine.  Trollope […]

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Knowing leads to doing

Think of any writer, artist, athlete, filmmaker, a leader that you admire, and you will notice how deeply they’ve studied the writers, artists, movie directors, and leaders of the yesteryears. It’s their understanding of what’s come before that gave them the insight, context, and perspective to establish a platform for themselves. There’s a reason why […]

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Almost no writing happens in a state of inspiration, but perspiration…

I’ve wanted to be a writer since the day my 9th grade English teacher praised my essay in front of the class. It was one of the greatest moments of my adolescent life.  And since that day, twenty-one years ago, I’ve been trying to find the time and inspiration to write similar essays. While I’ve […]

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No input, no output

I don’t know about you but off-late, I’ve been feeling a whole lot ickier when someone mentions “content creation.” And I could almost die if they ask how I create content on a daily basis! I don’t! I share my observations through writing, speaking (including my podcast), and curating topics that interest me. Period. Yes, […]

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Creating change with generosity

It’s a well acknowledged notion that you’ve got to be in the right position or know someone who is, to exact change. I think those factors are useful and might help but aren’t the only ones influencing change. There’s more to it. Years ago, I was hired by a corporate client for a long-term copywriting […]

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The coaching manager

I know, I know… it’s what everyone expects from a manager these days. Albeit, hard to come by, particularly if one’s so used to micro-managing each and every aspect of production or a project. They say, “old habits, die hard.” Let me tell you, this one’s the hardest to let go off. (I say that […]


You don’t quite need talent or the tools to be creative

It’s born out of necessity. We’ve all known that yet the most common response I get when I ask designers their thoughts on style and brand guidelines is that, “guidelines are way too restrictive. They just kill creativity.” I hate that response but I will have to live with it because I don’t have the […]

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Staying creative in chaotic times

Listen, everyone’s creative because “creativity” is synonymous with being cool. I shouldn’t have said that aloud but there it is… the cold hard truth. It’s like those two guys I saw in an Apple ad (or perhaps it somewhere else?) years ago: Guy 1: “I’m creative. I need a mac.” Guy 2: “Dude, you’re a […]

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Boredom is good for you, if you let it

Found this fascinating video by psychologist Dr. Sandi Mann, who explains why boredom can be a powerful emotion. Dr. Mann’s book, The Upside of Downtime: Why Boredom Is Good, explores how embracing boredom can be good for you. She shares some of the key findings in this great article on… Boredom sparks creativityAt its […]

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Talent is (still) overrated

And I guess it always will be. I’ve always backed the original argument because I personally know countless professionals who’ve managed to achieve success by sheer hard work. They would never consider themselves to be talented. Arguably though. There’s the thing — talent is your potential. And that isn’t enough. You need to convert your […]