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7 competencies of teams that work

As someone leading an international marketing, staffing and recruitment company, building teams that work (for my clients or myself) helps me put food on the table. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Building great teams takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. And even then, you’re probably won’t be able to create […]

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A performance improvement plan that actually worked!

Robert Rosenberg (Bob) took over as CEO of his family business at 25. Ten years later, the board fired him. However, they made an exception and gave him three months to demonstrate that he’s turned things around. And turn things around he did! Bob shifted towards humility from arrogance after reading a book by David Halberstam. […]

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The 7 powers of purpose

Bumped into this great list by Dan Rockwell (of the Leadership Freak fame) the other day that talks about the seven powers of having a purpose. From my experience, a leader without a purpose is essentially like a ship without a rudder — directionless.  Here are the seven powerful things having a purpose can offer […]