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The better you get, the less you care

I loved this super-short The Daily Stoic podcast episode by Ryan Holiday. He elaborates on an aspect that most people won’t agree with, particularly those who haven’t achieved much success or are still dilly-dallying with “stuff they want to do.” It’s something I’ve observed among the senior-most leaders and C-level executives having worked with them for […]

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Mastering your craft

It isn’t for everyone. It takes a helluva time, effort, and commitment. And even then, most folks probably aren’t going to make it. The ones who deeply care about mastering their craft enjoy the process of getting better every single day. They’re okay with making mistakes and are quick to forgive themselves because they know […]

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Avoid burnout with these four powerful questions

As someone who can’t help but work more than 70 to 80 hours a week, I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified to talk about what I’m going to share. Simply because the questions below are robust and have saved me from me on more occasions than one. I also think most people who work hard […]

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It’s okay to be injured. Really.

Just don’t freak out because that’s what makes an injury so much worse. Akin to a popular saying somewhere in the west — “the snake bite doesn’t kill you, it’s the venom.” I’ve had my share of getting injured, rehabbing, combating muscle soreness and everything in between over the past one year or so. It […]

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What matters is that you care, not who cares

Content essentially is a matter of perspective — mine, yours or someone else’s. And everyone’s entitled to have one and most importantly share one as and when they can. I think doing that will make the world a better place. Period. I started blogging just for kicks. Then I got disciplined. And then a little […]

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Good enough? Now, go further!

You and I know that “someone” who would waste a major chunk of our time either “getting ready” or making it (whatever that maybe) “just perfect.” Don’t you? If you’ve been listening, I’ve made it pretty clear — the perfection gap is going to make things worse for us. We have to get over it […]