Business Coaching Leadership

On Leading People

Leading and managing people are two different things. I don’t think people, as individuals, can be managed. Not at least literally, but they sure can be led. That said, leading or managing people requires a certain level of skillet and competency that one must be aware of before stepping into the role. Note that the […]

Business Human Resources Leadership

Hard to stay motivated when you’re not appreciated

Every organisation big or small should give a considerable thought to a rewards and recognition program. Every HR professional out there out to think, propose and evangelize about it across the board. Ignoring this key element of people is anathema! And it surely beats the purpose of having a human resources department or even being […]

Business Leadership Teams

8 workplace trends

We’ve known this for some time now — the corporate world is undergoing major transformations across the board. The most significant of these changes is in the human capital management front fronted by the following 8 workplace trends (or the 8 habits of highly progressive workplaces) identified by the good folks at And here’s […]