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No pain, no gain

If pushing the limits helps you gain strength and the process of acquiring strength involves pain, logically pain is good for you. Right? Unfortunately, we weren’t wired to think that way. We can’t stand pain. In fact, we run away from pain let alone embrace it. Someone wise once said, “Pain + Reflection = Progress.” […]

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Why you need a coach?

There must be a gazillion articles and videos on why you (or everyone) need(s) a coach or a mentor/teacher for a fulfilling life. But this short chat between Ryan Holiday and Coby Karl in my opinion is probably the best testimonial to why anyone would need a coach/mentor/teacher in life. While it may seem ironical, […]

Random Thoughts

Is sincerity all lost of us?

Turning 35 this past week was both satisfying and humbling. The former because I realised that I have friends and family who really care about me and want to see me succeed. Humbling because I realised that while I’m engaged in a handful of projects that are significant to my values and mission in life, […]

Fascinating Random Thoughts

The $3 shoe shine

He asked me if I would care for an awesome shoe-shine. I politely refused and walked briskly toward the parking lot. And he walked right behind me saying, “you won’t regret it.” I turned back and looked at him. There was something in his eyes telling me that all he wanted a chance to prove […]