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Dawn Staley’s Rules for Life

Dawn Staley is probably one of the best basketball coaches the WNBA has ever had. She’s also an American Olympic gold medalist basketball player, winning three golds for her country. What follows are Staley’s rules of life from the Netflix documentary, The Playbook. She’s lived these rules to become a successful coach and an inspiring […]

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Jill Ellis’s Rules for Life

Continuing with my notes from watching The Playbook on Netflix. Here are Jill Elli’s Rules for Life. Wait, who is Jill Ellis?  Jill coached the 2015 and 2019 US Women’s soccer team to the winning the World Cup! She masterfully navigated the challenge of coaching a team that was already #1 in the world and keeping them there.  And if you think […]

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A performance improvement plan that actually worked!

Robert Rosenberg (Bob) took over as CEO of his family business at 25. Ten years later, the board fired him. However, they made an exception and gave him three months to demonstrate that he’s turned things around. And turn things around he did! Bob shifted towards humility from arrogance after reading a book by David Halberstam. […]


Remember that people don’t leave companies; they leave the people they worked for

I know this one’s debatable, and more often than not, ends up ruffling feathers. But let me be clear, we’re not addressing cases where an employee leaves an organization for better opportunities regardless of how outstanding leadership or management is. However, the rest of the demography often makes decisions based on their immediate Manager, type […]

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There’s always an answer

Regardless of the situation you and I are in right now, it’s better than the worst. Believe me, it could’ve been much worse. Humans have the tendency to magnify circumstances beyond proportions the moment they experience change, discomfort, or a setback. If you’ve lost a job recently — I can empathize. I know there are […]

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The one thing you need to get anything you want in life

Ready for this? It’s being open-minded. Yes, I know, it can’t be that straight-forward as there are several other factors come into play. But all thing being equal, the one aspect that can make or break you career/life is your ability to stay open-minded. And being one means you’re willing to change, consider alternatives, and […]

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Start with a why and then what

Many coaches and leaders who work closely with their associates are advised to never ask a ‘why’ question. Because it gets the other person on the defensive (sometimes, right off the bat!) And it made a lot of sense to me back then, a professional coach-in-training, as I found it hard to turnaround a conversation […]

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The designer/manager and the worker of your machine

I think we let our circumstances drive our actions, decisions, behaviors and to a significant extent, our lives! And that’s a terrible strategy as it sets you back as a victim who’s clueless, doesn’t have a choice, and couldn’t have done anything differently. All of which, isn’t true*.  A good question for analysis will be: […]

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Sticking it out… no matter what

I concluded my first ever public mastermind workshop last weekend. Actually, I had two groups one meeting on Saturday and another on Sunday. And I must say this — I loved each and every moment of it, despite the disappointing participation. I know, that’s to except during the times when everyone’s so exhausted with Zoom […]

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My experiments with extreme leadership

First off, there’s no such thing called “extreme leadership.” I just made it up — combining Extreme Ownership and The Dichotomy of Leadership. And I know, it’s an overkill. But fusing concepts from the two books was difficult but definitely an experience. An even greater experience was practicing it. It was hard. Extreme leadership is […]