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Death is the ultimate truth

I’d barely rolled a few paces before I realized that my phone was at my work desk. So, I pulled my car over and dashed to my apartment. I live on the first floor of a 29-floor building; I don’t even have to wait for the lift. Taking the stairs is a great way to […]

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Purpose by Chadwick Boseman

I don’t think I’m over the shock of his sudden demise. Chadwick was a talented artist who had a lot more stories within him. I’m sure his soul will find peace and a place in heaven for the incredible impact he has made in so many people’s lives in the short time he was with […]

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Don’t be an ass!

Jean Buridan was a 14th century French philosopher who spent an entire career focusing on logic and the works of Aristotle. He’s most famous for this thought experiment known as ‘Buridan’s ass,’ the conclusions of which satirizes his own philosophy of moral detrminism. The experiment basically illustrates the paradox in the conception of free will […]

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Why extreme focus is going to set you up for life

Having choices are both one of our biggest assets and the greatest liabilities in 2019 and onwards. And while these choices are waiting to be made by us, we don’t have to make them. At least not a lot of them. Believe me, if there was a price attached to each of the choices we […]


Life’s short

You could be leaving your breath right now… Memento Moro It’s been a constant reminder for the past many years, yet you feel shattered when a dear friend leaves you and their loved ones for the heavens up above. I’ve been miserable all this morning. One of my dear friends, someone whom I’d really respected, […]