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Create a life you’ll be proud of 20 years from now

I’m getting older. And so are you. But if I were to pin down on that one thing that’s important to both of us, it will be — to live an extraordinary life! I’ve been at it since the day I graduated from high school, about 18 years ago, and believe me; I’m nowhere close […]

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We haven’t got it all figured out yet

There isn’t a thing such a true expert because the ones who are always strive to evolve and get to the next level. The non-experts or the lay person have a similar journey to consider — a long way to go before they figure things out and when they do, they’ll realise there’s so much […]

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Are we there yet?

It’s my 3 year-old’s favorite question. And the answer’s almost away, “no, not yet.” Interestingly, my response doesn’t change if a grown-up asks me the same question. Because despite our best efforts, the best intentions and the best possible scenarios, we’re almost always on the way towards the destination. Not exactly what we want to […]

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It’s the hard that makes it great!

Sometimes I feel “I hate to write.” But then I remember, “I love having written.” Trust me, the feeling would’ve remained the same even if Dorothy Parker hadn’t said this first. The hardest aspect about writing is the time and space it demands to write down something that makes sense, agrees with my own logic, […]

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A quiet professional

One of the tenets of StrongFirst, the organization I’m a part of, is that the graduates of its flagship certification programs (I was honored to be part of two of them) are quiet professionals. At first, I didn’t get it. It even sounded a little cheesy to be honest. This weekend, however, it became absolutely […]