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Hitting unsubscribe might save your life

You know what I’m talking about — sales and promotional emails particularly from your favourite people and publications. Of course, not all of them deserve to see your trash can but the ones who’ve been quite regular about pitching their products and offerings certainly do. Here’s the reason why you should: Most are pitching their […]

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Applied minimalism in the age of unlimited options!

Every subject of study has two facets: theory and application. We cram (while respectfully trying to understand) a lot of theory while we’re in school and continue doing that in college. If we’re driven enough to attend the lectures (in Asia, particularly in India) or stay awake (the rest of the world) that is. Take […]


Nancy Nardin’s Sales Technology Landscape 2018

Bumped into this great infographic by Nancy Nardin on the technological landscape (sales and marketing-wise). This was originally published in July but I just happened to find it today. A few months behind but this is pure gold, nonetheless! If you’re into martech or into sales and/or marketing, do review this infographic that’s so well organized […]