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The two types of critics

It’s ironic how most people in the modern world are convinced that criticism will bring the best out of us, given that there was a time when criticism would draw out the swords and guns! I guess those were simpler times.  I think people confuse criticism with feedback. And since we’ve been sold into thinking […]

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We don’t need no motivation… but education

And so should you. The infiltration of (wannabe?) trainers, motivational speakers and employee ‘engagement’ experts has been an overwhelming experience for professionals (folks like me) who don’t have the need to scream, shout and jump up and down from the chair or on the stage. What’s crazier is that organisers and decision makers now thing […]

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When giving up just isn’t an option

The choices that we have today have ruined us. Seriously, just stop and think of the hardest three things that you do on a daily basis. Don’t have alternatives that will make your life so much easier? I know the answer almost always is “it depends.” But you can’t ignore the fact that the choices […]

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Why random coaching engagements don’t work

I often get requests for one-off coaching sessions that’s people believe is going to fix their problems. And I almost always pass up these opportunities because coaching isn’t a one-off thing, it’s a long-term commitment. Besides, I’ve had my share of random conversations with strangers who open up and narrate their live’s struggles hoping that […]

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They haven’t built a filter that…

I am a huge fan of movie, documentary, sports and (even) book trailers! They inspire and excite me. Maybe it’s a thing. Or just my thing. I listen to a few curated ones when I’m training heavy… as if they’re just the perfect soundtrack I need to push some heavyweights. (There’s only so much podcast, […]

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Finding motivation to change… with baby steps

Bumped into these gems this morning, thought of sharing. This is a great introduction to BJ Fogg’s concept of “motivational waves.” Check out his take on what causes behavioral change for a deeper perspective (though it’s a short article). If the video and article above intrigues you, do check out Fogg’s behavioral model that talks in detail […]