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Being consistent isn’t the only thing that matters

Lately, One of the recurring themes in my coaching sessions is “consistency.” I’m not doing an excellent job with that. Particularly concerning the big goals I’ve set for myself. They’re not in alignment with the time that I can spend. Yet, I try and fail.  The result, as you can imagine, is an archive of […]

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Just what I needed — a kick in the rear!

I am working with a new coach to help me with my marketing strategy. And he kicks ass! For real. The other day I got on a call with him. Exchanged a few pleasantries and got right back to business. He asked me if I was able to take out time to do the “homework” […]

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The designer/manager and the worker of your machine

I think we let our circumstances drive our actions, decisions, behaviors and to a significant extent, our lives! And that’s a terrible strategy as it sets you back as a victim who’s clueless, doesn’t have a choice, and couldn’t have done anything differently. All of which, isn’t true*.  A good question for analysis will be: […]