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An excessive need to be “me”

Be honest — how many times have you screwed things up or annoyed everyone around by thinking out loud, “that’s just the way I am!”? If the answer is “all the time, Sunil,” you and I know that we have a problem, don’t we? Our faults, despite our conviction or our best efforts to rationalize, […]

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On leading yourself

If the world’s foremost authorities on leadership were to choose the most challenging aspect of leadership development, it will, undoubtedly, be managing or leading yourself. One can’t hope to lead others if they can’t lead themselves well. Stephen Covey, in his book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” highlighted that private victory precedes public […]

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Just what I needed — a kick in the rear!

I am working with a new coach to help me with my marketing strategy. And he kicks ass! For real. The other day I got on a call with him. Exchanged a few pleasantries and got right back to business. He asked me if I was able to take out time to do the “homework” […]

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Habits vs routines vs commitments

I see people confusing habits with routines or, worse, commitments! Yes, they’re all interrelated but quite different from each other. Here’s a handy explanation that might help you understand the difference and prioritize what you need to work on right now. HabitsBehaviors that flow automatically and do not require a conscious effort. They’re often prompted […]

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Do yourself a favour — find a mentor

As a coach, I’m an expert in the coaching process and raising my clients’ consciousness. As a consultant, I restrict myself to opportunities related to organizational psychology since that’s my specialty. So, suppose my coaching clients want specific business strategy advice, setting company policies and protocols (or worse, their social media marketing and advertising plan), […]

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Think organically, implement linearly

As much as I despise advice on productivity, I appreciate that it is a topic that has a universal appeal. Some of the most-read posts on this blog are on productivity. Even though I avoid the topic like the plague, please don’t ask me why. I probably have had too much of it over the […]

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Outlearn everyone… just be careful

I’ve been a lifelong learner for a reason — it helps me have the edge over my competition, peers, and myself. I think investing in self-education has been the single most crucial investment decision I’ve taken. My passion and drive for learning make me overdo things at times, but I’ve found it to be an […]

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It’s complicated (speech)

When I get to a networking event — virtual or live — almost inevitably, someone asks me, “so, what do you do for a living?” I so want to say, “it’s complicated… I’m so many things to so many people. Still, nothing compared to who I can be or what I will become…” but I […]

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Your inbox is the enemy of time-management!

There are two kinds of working professionals: The good old employee The entrepreneur/business owner/freelancer The employee is almost always at the mercy of other people’s agenda. There are tasks to be done, emails to be responded to, and meetings to be had. There’s just no way around it. And then they wonder where the heck […]

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The one thing you need to get anything you want in life

Ready for this? It’s being open-minded. Yes, I know, it can’t be that straight-forward as there are several other factors come into play. But all thing being equal, the one aspect that can make or break you career/life is your ability to stay open-minded. And being one means you’re willing to change, consider alternatives, and […]