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The 7 powers of purpose

Bumped into this great list by Dan Rockwell (of the Leadership Freak fame) the other day that talks about the seven powers of having a purpose. From my experience, a leader without a purpose is essentially like a ship without a rudder — directionless.  Here are the seven powerful things having a purpose can offer […]

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Purpose by Chadwick Boseman

I don’t think I’m over the shock of his sudden demise. Chadwick was a talented artist who had a lot more stories within him. I’m sure his soul will find peace and a place in heaven for the incredible impact he has made in so many people’s lives in the short time he was with […]

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This might not work!

I’ve been at it for the past several months but haven’t had a chance to prioritize it up until now. I’m actively working on launching my next big professional project — the This Might Not Work podcast. I stole the title from Seth Godin. I’ve seen and heard him talk about “what might work” (he […]