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Build a better product

Time and again, I’ve heard the following from most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs: I have a great product, but for some reason, nobody’s buying There isn’t a great product-market fit Here’s the truth nobody likes to talk about — the product sucks! And that’s okay, so long as you’re not in denial. No product or service […]

Marketing Personal growth

It’s getting kind of sickening…

If you’re normal, you must be on at least a couple of social media networks or probably on all of the big four platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), like I am. If yes, great! Welcome to the club! I’m sure you’re having a great time if you’re one of those who live in one […]

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What’s your market?

And by that, people usually mean who do you really serve? (And you never know if they’re curious to find their direct competitor in you!) Marketers fuss a lot about customer avatars or the ideal customer profile or the target audience at ends, which gets irritating (at times). It’s a major turn off to every […]