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Why “implementing” will make you a better strategist

Everyone loves to be that “strategy” person who likes to talk about ideas, come up with plans, and bark orders when it’s time to get things done. The challenge is that most people only want to do “strategy” and pass on the hard work of “implementing” stuff to others. The above is so true with […]

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Maximising efficiency by organising your offerings around the clients

Over the years, I’ve observed that most start-ups, small and medium enterprises are obsessed with growth. Although nothing’s wrong with development, these organisations almost always establish an unstable culture. There’s high attrition among both employees and clients. They come and go because they’re grossly dissatisfied and feel an overall lack of attention to detail regarding […]

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Strategy is overused

I believe there are only a few reasons why folks would want to use the word “strategy” in their conversations: To impress For the money (during interviews, networking or negotiation session) To brainstorm tactics I’ve rarely seen people actually doing strategy. Most of the time they’re basically thinking through the situation for possible resolutions. Now […]