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The latest on home-brewed successful people

I’ll confess — I will be the last person on this planet to be awarded the “best parent” or “best father” plaque. Not because I’m evil, but I don’t think parenting is about accolades. It’s a relationship between you and your kids. And like all relationships, a parent-child relationship is just as unique. While a […]

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Own your outcomes

Two aspects of life that I find undeniably universal: The circumstances that we’re born into (family, wealth, or status), accidents, illnesses, and natural catastrophes are beyond our influence or control. Our lives can be so much better if we only focus on the decisions we make and the responsibilities we take for the outcomes (whether […]

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Believe me, it takes time…

One of the most popular questions I get to hear is a variant of “when will I get to where I want to be?” My response is almost always, “start small, put in the time, and consistently show up.” Let me tell you — people hate that advice! And as much as I would love […]

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Behind every successful person

I believe it’s one of the most cliched, overused, and abused maxims of all time. And I definitely don’t think there’s always a woman (or a surprised father/mother-in-law) behind every successful man. We’re living in interesting (and quite different) times and supporting anyone through their success journey requires immense courage, commitment, and sacrifices without any […]

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The biggest deterrent to our success

I think you already know I’m not a huge fan of the word “success.” And I don’t like it because it’s been overused and abused. Just Google the word and you’ll know what I’m talking about. That said, everyone wants it. But have you ever wondered what keeps people from achieving it? Lack of focus […]

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Plus minus and equal

So, I decided to take a break from listening to podcasts for a couple of weeks and instead just do audiobooks. All the time. And boy, I’ve accumulated a lot of hours over just the past week. Instead of going for the newer titles in my library, I’m focusing on the books that I’ve already […]

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Getting to world-class is useless!

Because everyone wants to be the best in the world but nobody wants to do anything about it. Why? I don’t know why perhaps everyone likes to dream? Or it’s just easier said than done and people seem to have accepted it. Sure everyone’s entitled to their lives and the choices they make, if only […]

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Seven steps to success by John Maxwell

Found this nugget on Goodreads while perusing quotes on leadership for my next masterclass session tomorrow. Seven Steps to Success Make a commitment to grow daily. Value the process more than events. Don’t wait for inspiration. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for an opportunity. Dream big. Plan your priorities. Give up to go up. Want […]


The “canvas strategy” isn’t kissing ass

I first heard about the Canvas Strategy while listening to Ryan Holiday‘s audiobook Ego is the Enemy. It’s a great strategy (not a tactic) that will skyrocket your prospects (in the future) and knowledge, particularly if you’re new to a field. Here’s what it really means: Find and make canvases for other people to paint […]


The app won’t get s#@$ done for you!

You may think it would, but we know… it won’t. Regardless of what’s written on the features and benefits page of this app (whatever you’re using right now) or that friend who swears by the coolest app in the town. And here’s what’s ridiculous — people have made a fortune writing about how to use […]