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Nothing’s so practical as a good theory

I don’t know about you, but I used to be that guy who talked a lot of theory. You know the kind of ideas that makes most people uncomfortable or shake their heads because they’re convinced that theories don’t work.  So, yeah, I’m a “type.” And folks like me have a hard time trying to […]

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Ultralearning hacks

One of the privileges of being a life-long learner is that you learn something new about the science of accelerated learning regularly. It’s continually evolving, which is excellent for people who’re committed to this lifestyle. Scott Young is one of the foremost experts in accelerated learning, with some outstanding accomplishments under his belt, including attempting […]


Putting theory into practice

Ever meet a ‘leadership-theory’ junkie? You know the ones who loves to obsess and go on at lengths talking about leadership — the good, bad and the ugly. Well, mostly the bad and ugly because after reading, studying and analysing great leaders they’re well versed with the fallacies of leadership I used to be one […]


The Librarian vs the Warrior

The Librarian… gathers, collects, organizes information… and essentially becomes a philosopher or a theorist. They usually don’t know what the heck they can do with all that information. Who would? The Warrior… uses the information neatly collected and organized by the librarian and puts it into practice… and essentially becomes the one who would put […]