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To be or to do?

I’ve been labelled a rebel, a nonconformist, and someone unlikely to succeed when I was in my senior year of high school. Not because I was any of those, but I wasn’t going with the flow as was expected of young adults back then. And honestly, that wasn’t intentional. I was following my curiosity and […]

Coaching Strength training

Using a methodology shouldn’t change you, the person

If you’ve been a coach or a trainer for any length of time you sure would’ve been hit with the “that’s how we do this here.” Haven’t you? And trust me, it’s not just the coaches or trainers, it’s technically everyone who’s working for someone or is part of an organization or community. While I […]

Random Thoughts

Fuck all!

When people don’t live up to your expectations When you pour your heart out creating your craft (writing, poetry, art, or music) but people won’t care When you work hard to make a significant change but bureaucracy fucks you up When you try to help but get kicked in the rear When you try to […]