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Why “implementing” will make you a better strategist

Everyone loves to be that “strategy” person who likes to talk about ideas, come up with plans, and bark orders when it’s time to get things done. The challenge is that most people only want to do “strategy” and pass on the hard work of “implementing” stuff to others. The above is so true with […]


Treat it like a job!

I first heard about this guy on a podcast followed by a mention in another book I was reading that time. As you can tell, I was intrigued right away. I dug a little further and realised that Anthony Trollope just might have invented the concepts of having a side-hustle and the morning routine.  Trollope […]

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Almost no writing happens in a state of inspiration, but perspiration…

I’ve wanted to be a writer since the day my 9th grade English teacher praised my essay in front of the class. It was one of the greatest moments of my adolescent life.  And since that day, twenty-one years ago, I’ve been trying to find the time and inspiration to write similar essays. While I’ve […]


The 5Ps email copywriting formula

As a copywriter, the 5Ps might be the most basic template for constructing high-performing marketing collaterals, from sales letters to landing pages. I’ve used it for years (in combination with some other variations as well, but I’d prefer the 5Ps over AIDA any day) for my copywriting projects. Here it goes: 1. Problem. What’s the prospect’s […]

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The Writing Hack Nobody Talks About

For as long as I know, I’ve enjoyed typing fast and getting the writing taks out of my way. It’s fast and efficient. But typing on a computer also means I have to constantly wrestle with distractions, a major major limitation for any creative and naturally inquisitive person. Back in the school days, things were […]

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Dad, why do you write?

I was taken aback when my 9-year-old popped this question. Nobody has ever asked me why I write; only what I write about. But it’s an important question nonetheless, one that most people don’t care to think about until someone (if they’re lucky) asks them. For me, writing serves as an outlet, a tool to […]

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Why I write

It helps me feel heard.It helps me clarify my thoughts.It helps me share my beliefs, musings, and assertions.It helps me fuel my fire.It helps me give you a glimpse of my thoughts.It helps me connect with you.It helps me understand you better.It helps me become a better communicator.It helps me build a relationship with you.It […]

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Writing while traveling

The past 5-8 years, almost all my travels have been for work. Yes, there were exceptions and they were all unremarkable. I don’t count them anymore. My family wouldn’t let me. For a good reason, of course! One my struggles during travel these days is to stick with my writing schedule — primarily because I […]

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Cut the fluff, please!

We all loves stories, don’t we? It’s common knowledge. And marketers since the dawn of (their) civilisation (er, 19th century?) have been evangelising about the power of storytelling for ages! Authors, the kind who’re also good marketers or just happen to have a great marketing mind in their payroll, have leveraged this fact to their […]

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Going a layer deeper

This time last year, I was struggling to write every day. Not because I didn’t have any ideas. I was finding writing to be a chore. Something to be dealt with instead of an activity that I thoroughly enjoy, which is a fact. On the surface, my challenge seemed like a lack of passion or […]